With WorldSKIP you will be able to experience your trip ahead of time, by viewing your destination in Virtual Reality, being able to place yourself in the middle of the scene, and look all around as if you were already there.  You will see your destination - you are not limited to static pictures and reviews.  As a benefit to both traveler and local merchants, VR tours offer realistic insights into related local attractions.  This provides targeted advertising, reservations, and purchases for the products and services that are most appropriate for the travelers' needs.

In addition to popular tourist destinations, WorldSKIP also provides a view into activities that you might prefer to experience virtually before committing yourself to the activity.  For example, skydiving would be fun to experience in a 360 degree view Head-Mounted-Display - but you might choose to do it from the safety of the ground.  WorldSKIP gives you the flexibility to sample, experience an activity as VR travel, or book a trip to experience it in person.